The Tom Blizzard band provides a unique audience experience that's second to none. World class musicians with resumes from Broadway to L.A. deliver a dynamic show of classic, iconic, and fun music but with a very distinct style and swagger. It is FUN! It is EXCITING! Classic and modern tunes are performed in the TOM BLIZZARD STYLE, which means everyone will be DANCING! You are not just listening to a band, you are getting to experience an interactive SHOW! From the suits to the lights, THIS is the band to hire for all events and most budgets. 7 - 17 pieces.  It's easy to see why Reprise Records (the label founded by Sinatra himself) awarded Tom first place in a contest in 2011 for his amazing performance of "Come Fly With Me." His style is original. His voice is unparalleled. He is Tom Blizzard!

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